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What are Kansas teachers saying about FF4Kids?

Kansas Teachers!

The following are unedited comments solicited from teachers having attended a workshop.

Awesome!  I can utilize this in my classroom right away.  Lessons ready to go--I like that!

Courseware has some very interesting lessons that help us teach our state standards.

Courseware makes sure we are teaching our Kansas standards and doing everything we can to better their education.

Current information coordinated with the standards and activities ready to go!  Wonderful!

Excellent courseware will be valuable in my classroom.

Excellent!!  I will really enjoy using this in my classroom.

Good, age appropriate activities that children will enjoy.

Great--very useful for students and teacher. 

I am extremely pleased with the software.  I found it very user friendly and it will be a valuable resource in the classroom.

I am very excited about this courseware.  It is hard to find material on economics for my classroom.  It helps me so much to actually work through the program so I will know how to use it in the classroom.

I am very excited to use this in my classroom!  I think it will help my students understand choices and limited resources a lot!

I enjoyed the program.  I think this is exactly what I need to help my 4th & 5th graders understand economics.  The hands on individualized instruction are what they need.

I feel that this will be a valuable tool for teaching as it deals with concepts in a different way other than textbooks/manipulatives.

I feel the CD I received will be helpful, and I plan to use this in a center. Some of the material is above my kids but the parts that apply to K will benefit my class.

I like the friendliness of being able to use the software.  It is easy to use and I believe the students will love it!

I liked the way the lesson plans were laid out.

I love it!  I think it will be very valuable.  I'm excited to get back to my class and try it out!

I love the interaction and yes it will of great value in the classroom.

I really like the new courseware.  It will certainly be a valuable resource for our school.

I think it is an awesome tool! The kids will enjoy working the different episodes and learning about economic issues.

I think it is great!  As a teacher of special education and multiple grade levels it will very helpful!  I can't wait for the students and staff to use it!

I think it is great.  It gives so many concepts but yet is so simple.

I think it is wonderful. I am a new teacher and I was at a loss to know where to even start teaching economics. I know the teachers and administration will be thrilled with this new program.

I think it looks interesting and fun for kids.  I need to do some ore investigating before I use it with children.  I do think I'll be able to use it.

I think it will be extremely valuable.

I think it will be valuable since I have nothing very little to teach economics with at this point.

I think it will be valuable.  I am anxious to try it on my first and second graders.

I think it's very user-friendly.

I think that it is very kid friendly.  I think that my teachers will enjoy the software.

I think that it will enable my students to pre-test and then learn at their own pace.  Gifted students need to move along at their own pace and get frustrated if they are not allowed to do so.

I think that the kids will love it.  It is amusing, graphically interesting, and the tune is catchy!

I think that this will be used frequently during my economics unit.  It will add value to the curriculum being taught and be exciting for the students.

I think the courseware was very beneficial and I think the teachers will think anything (software in specific) for free is great!

I think the courseware will be very valuable and fun for the students and teachers to use.

I think the coursework will really help us teach economics.  I remember when we started preparing students for the first Social Studies assessment and opportunity cost was a new term for me.  I am probably not alone.  Thanks for offering this material.  Teaching our students to view money as an asset instead of just something to be spent is a grand idea. Thanks.

I think the software will be a valuable tool for all teachers.

I thought it was awesome and since I teach social studies it will be great for my classroom.  Very user friendly even for me!

I thought it was great and a useful teaching tool.

I thought it was very informative and once I become more use to it could be very useful in class

I'm very excited about the courseware.  It will make my planning much easier.

It is an excellent program that goes with the standards I am teaching at this time.

It is very user friendly.  Yes, it will be valuable.

It looks pretty neat and easy for kids to follow.

It user friendly and correlated well with standards.  It would be valuable to us, especially because we teach about U.S regions and it covers the economic part.

It was easy to follow and the Kids will enjoy using it.

It's great- I think that it could be very valuable if you had only more time

Teacher friendly. Little set-up required.  Pre/Post Test very helpful.

The courseware is very user friendly and directly correlated to the standards.  It is also entertaining and educational for the students.  It will be valuable to me as I teach the students about U.S. regions and the economy in those regions.

The courseware is very user-friendly and kids will love it. It's easy to understand and kid-friendly graphics.

This is exciting.  I'm looking forward to using this courseware immediately in Life Skills class.

This tool can be very valuable to our students.  We are always looking for ideas to get these standards into our curriculum.  Yeah!.

This will be very useful in my classes. It is teacher friendly, while high student interest.

User friendly; interesting; grade appropriate

Very good--I'll use in the classroom

Very good.  I am anxious to study and learn more from the disc and on line.

Very good. I'm anxious to try iit with my second and third graders.

Very informative, and should prove challenging to students K-8th, especially in math

Very interesting. Will use this with my class. Set to standards! Easy to use

Wow!  I really like it.  It's very sophisticated.  I'll have to spend a considerable amount of time getting acquainted with it, but see great possibilities with my high school sped. students.

Yes loved it!!!!! Awesome, will meet the needs of all students.

Yes, I think it would be very valuable.


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