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Experts say students develop most of their savings/spending habits in grade school years yet most schools wait until high school to teach personal finance. Why wait until we have to do our best to change habits? Let's help students start off with better habits! FF4Kids is designed to build on their decision-making skills in those important development years.


Change the dinner table conversation in your house! Parents are welcome to share information about this FREE resource to their local schools. If they are not teaching this information, don't miss out on your change to help your children. The program was designed for teachers with a teacher's guide to help provide even more educational resources designed for the classrom setting. There is no cost for schools to use this program and it is tied to state educational standards of interest to schools along with providing financial and economic education that the students need.

Kansas Community Leaders

How can you bring FF4Kids to your community?
Help us share this resource with your area schools. You can sponsor a teacher training workshop in your community and following up with a classroom visit that gives you and your company visibility in your service area. KCEE has some banking related lessons that enhance the FF4Kids courseware that can be used to present in the classroom by a company representative.

How does it work?
Contact kcee@wichita.edu or call 316-978-5183 for details. Once sponsorship is setup, KCEE staff will contact your local school’s administration office to schedule the two- to three-hour workshop. Our staff will take care of all the necessary logistics, including ordering a light meal or refreshments for the teachers.

Your company will be recognized as the official host and sponsor of the workshop. As such, company representatives will welcome teachers, stay for the workshop, and generally get to know the teachers better.

Several weeks after the workshop, the teachers who attended the training will invite company representatives into their classrooms to present the FF4Kids banking-related lessons to their students to correlate with the financial literacy software their students are using.

The KCEE will provide you and any of your employees interested in assisting in this activity a set of nine grade-appropriate lessons produced by the KCEE as a companion piece to the FF4Kids courseware the teacher is using in the classroom. Concepts range from identifying coins for younger students to the power of compound interest for older students. (See Sample Lesson.) These lessons are avaialble thanks to a grant from FHL Bank.

Partnership Goals and Benefits for Your Company:

You’ll be helping to ensure that the youth of your community start learning about earning, saving, and investing at an early age.

You’ll build valuable relationships with local teachers. 

You’ll receive customized presentation materials for making follow-up presentations in local classrooms. (See Sample Lesson link.)

You’ll receive local publicity.

Your Contributions:

Serving as host of the teacher training event.

Visiting classrooms to deliver customized banking lessons to students using the Corporate Curriculum provided by the KCEE.

Consider helping with the cost of the teachers' meals with a tax-exempt charitable contribution to the KCEE.

Please Contact:
Angela Howdeshell
Kansas Council for Economic Education
1845 Fairmount St, 040 Clinton Hall
WSU Campus Box 203
Wichita, KS 67260-0203